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THE UNION HOTEL [FORMERLY KNOWS AS THE HILTON LODGE] has the best affordable ACCOMMODATION IN THE DURBAN CBD that is well located to all tourist attractions.



The location of  The Union Hotel

• Situated 10mins walk to the beautiful Durban Beaches and harbour.

• 3 mins walk to the City Hall and City Park pool.

• 3 mins drive to all sporting facilities such as Cricket, Rugby & Soccer Stadiums

• 3 mins walking distance to the ICC

• Within walking distance of Shopping District and Major Tourist Attractions.

• Also on Bus route to all facilities.

• An array of restaurants and take aways which deliver located within walking distance.

Contact us to make a booking:
182-186 Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street,Durban
Hilton Mansions
Tel: +27 31 – 3376849